The official website for the City of Las Vegas allows the user to search for inmates held at the local detention center on the east side of town. Friends and relatives can place money into a detainee’s account, plus obtain information about visitation hours, property confiscation, various rehabilitation and work programs offered, etc. The facility, which is operated by the city’s Department of Detention and Enforcement, is equipped to house almost 1,000 prisoners and maintains an active, productive environment to encourage reform.


Las Vegas Detention Center Inmate Search

What Is the Las Vegas Detention Center?

The institution is a holding area for inmates charged with misdemeanors within the city limits. Clark County operates a separate, larger facility that is severely overcrowded, and the city rents additional jail space to them. Other nearby detention centers are in North Las Vegas and Henderson. The residents of these jails have not yet been convicted of any crimes but are held in confinement until they either face court arraignment, post bail, bond out, or receive a sentence.

The officials are required by law to recognize that each prisoner is innocent until proven guilty and to act accordingly. Inmates are permitted to entertain visitors, receive gifts, get mail, and participate in a wide variety of activities intended to prepare them for re-entry into society. Since their alleged crimes are misdemeanors, the incarcerated individuals are encouraged to make lifestyle adjustments that will lead to more functional behavior.

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Where Is the Las Vegas Detention Center Located?

The address is 3300 Stewart Avenue, almost due east of the Main Street Station Casino downtown Las Vegas. A five-minute drive along Interstate 515 leads to the area at Exit 73. The ramp (N. Eastern Avenue) can be followed to the right and brings the driver to Stewart Avenue. A quick left turn and a short run on Stewart makes the detention center visible on the right between N. Mojave Road and Spectrum.

What Happens to an Inmate in the Las Vegas Detention Center?

The booking process at the facility is designed to calm down first-time offenders. The arresting agency positively identifies the subject, then insures that all paperwork is filled out completely and accurately. The booking clerk records all the arrestee’s personal property, including money receipts.

The medical staff conducts a health screen, treating any conditions and attending to any injuries incurred during the arrest. After obtaining the individual’s fingerprint, an officer escorts him to a cell. While awaiting release, the detainee enjoys an array of beneficial programs. He can request either group or private counseling, participate in weekly religious gatherings, or check out a book from the library.

If funds have been deposited into his account, the inmate can shop at the commissary. Most offenders are assigned jobs to occupy their time and keep them productive. They learn social skills and work ethics while performing their tasks and joining in during various recreational activities. Family members and close companions can visit during specific time slots; they can send cards, letters, and personal gifts at will.

How Do I Search for an Inmate in the Las Vegas Detention Center?

If you wish to use the city website, you can simply enter the individual’s name and search for his information. The inmate’s ID number is not required but can be helpful when records are not readily recovered. The details include the arrestee’s age, race, gender, and location. The unit number and cell number are both listed for the convenience of the user. The arrest date appears, along with the case number, custody status, specific charge and statute number. You can click on the “Bail” button to search for contact information. Bail can be paid at any time online. If you prefer to conduct your search by phone, the number is (702) 608-2245.

Las Vegas Detention Center Inmate Search

How Do I Get an Inmate Out of the Las Vegas Detention Center?

If the court has set a bail amount, you can post it online or at the facility’s bail window. The website requires an ID number, which can be found easily by typing in the name. Bail can be posted with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or cash. If you are using cash, you must provide exact change. You can also hire a bonding agency and get the person released for a percentage of the bail amount, but this option may be more expensive in the long run.

If all court appearances are made, a portion of the bail amount will be refunded after the case is closed. A bond seller keeps the fee and often requires collateral from the purchaser to be held for the duration of the case. Bonding agencies must fill out and submit a form to the detention center. If you have further questions about posting bail, call (702) 608-2245.

Las Vegas Detention Center Inmate Search