Best Las Vegas Bail Bonds Company

The Best Las Vegas Bail Bonds Company will help people who have been arrested in the Las Vegas or Henderson area get themselves out of jail. People who go to jail have an opportunity to get out jail by paying their bond through bail bonds in Las Vegas, and a Las Vegas bail bondsman will ensure the payment is sent in due time after making contact with the inmate. This article explains how the bond process works when individuals are arrested in Las Vegas.

Best Las Vegas Bail Bonds Company

What is a Bail Bond?

A bail bond is the amount of money the county, city or state requires for someone to be released from jail before being convicted of a crime. The bail is decided by a judge for felonies, and there is a fee schedule for misdemeanors that the jail sets. The jail will tell misdemeanor inmates their bail amount, and the inmates may go immediately to a phone to make arrangements with a Las Vegas Bail Bondsman.

How does a Bail Bond in Las Vegas work?

Bail Bonds in Las Vegas are handled by offices that sit just outside the walls of the jail. The bonds are sent electronically to the jail through a secure system, and any company with access to the jail’s records can send in a payment. Inmates who make the call on their own will have the money sent in immediately, and bail bond companies will send the money using their own system.

A bail bond company may call the family to ask for money, or the inmate may pay with a credit card in their wallet. Jail employees typically allow inmates to write down their credit card numbers to make these calls.

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Best Las Vegas Bail Bondsman

Local Jails in the Las Vegas Area:

Everyone must be aware of the three jails that sit in the Las Vegas area, and police officers have a specific jail they take their inmates to. Each inmate is recorded immediately, and the public records can be used to find someone. A quick phone call to the jail may provide answers, or an Internet search will provide similar answers about the facility in use. Each one of the three below could be the right one.

-City of Las Vegas Detention Center
-Clark County Detention Center
-Henderson Detention Center

How to get an Inmate out of the local Jails

-Hire an Attorney
-Pay the full amount
-Pay only 15% by purchasing a Bail Bond

Attorneys are needed for felony cases only. Misdemeanor cases can be handled by the inmates themselves, and the full amount must be paid before a prisoner is released. Inmates pay only 15% by purchasing a bond, and the bond company keeps that money after the money is returned by the courts. Inmates who do not keep up with the disposition of their case will owe the bail bond office the full amount, and the bail bond can sue for the remaining balance.

How expensive is a Las Vegas Bail Bond?

Each bail bond is set by the city, county or state. Ask a jail employee or the bail office for assistance. The amount varies depending on the case, and the information must be accurate before a payment is processed and sent to the jail.

Are there payment options?

Credit cards, debit cards and checks are accepted for each transaction. People may pay over the phone from their jail cells, or people may ask a friend to do so from the outside. The bail bond office will give a complete list of payment options that may include cashier’s checks and cash.

Best Las Vegas Bail Bonds Company

eBAIL is the only company in the Las Vegas area that can help people get out of jail quickly. The business is a digital entity that processes payments electronically to the jail every day, and those payments are credited to each inmate’s account. The jail lets the inmate know that their bond has been paid, and the inmates are released immediately.

The process could not be more simple with eBAIL, and inmates are given a chance to tap into their credit resources while sitting in jail. Some people once waited hours or even days to begin the bail process, but the process can begin today with a simple phone call. Friends can pay bail from outside, or inmates can pay for a Las Vegas Bail Bond from inside. The process has been expedited for everyone’s benefit.

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Best Las Vegas Bail Bonds Company

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