Going to jail can be a scary thing, but the Las Vegas Bail Bonds Service and their Las Vegas Bail Bondsman can help with all of the Bail Bonds in Las Vegas. While this is sure to be a trying time in your life, their experienced workman will help with all the needs that you have. In the mean time, please educate yourself about the process. Additional questions can be asked if needed.

What is a Bail Bond?

Bail bonds in Las Vegas are basically a type of insurance policy. They allow the defendant in jail to have an opportunity to be released from jail without paying their bond in full. Sometimes money is put down, other times something is used as collateral to ensure that the set amount of money will be paid back. It is very similar to a type of loan. These bonds are helpful because it allows the defendant to be released from jail prior to his or her jail date.

How does a Bail Bond in Las Vegas work?

A bail bond in Las Vegas does not have to be a difficult process. Once the defendant is placed into jail, a loved one can give the Las Vegas Bail Bonds Service a call. The bail bondsman will gather information such as, name of the defendant, location of jail, etc. After this basic information is gathered, a Las Vegas Bail Bondsman will contact the jail to verify the bond amount and any other necessary information. Since these personnel are experienced in their profession, it is easier for them to talk individuals through the process while doing all the work for the family. They are understanding that times like this are difficult, and having someone experience can help to relieve any unnecessary bumps in the road.

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Options for getting an Inmate out of the Las Vegas Detention Center

-Hire an Attorney- The first option is always the same. An attorney can and should be appointed. This is a very important part of the process, and it is not something that should be pushed off until later. This individual will have the necessary knowledge to help the defendant once they get to the set court date. The Las Vegas Bail Bonds Service is unable to help with this step in the process.

-Pay the full amount- Secondly, one will have the option to post the bail in full. In this case, the Las Vegas Bail Bondsman will discuss the rest of the process that will occur and help to pay off this bond. However, it is understood that many of the clients will be unable to do this. Therefore, if one is unable to pay the entire bond in full, there are other options available.

Pay only 15% by purchasing a Bail Bond– A service provided by Las Vegas Bail Bonds allows families to put only 15% down on the full price of the bond issued. This will act as the insurance policy, and payments can be conveniently made at the earliest convenience. Often times, families believe that bail bonds are too expensive for them to afford. However, with this payment plan option, it allows individuals of all pay wages to be released from jail. This 15% down is regulated by the NV Division of Insurance (NV Law NRS 697.300).

How expensive is a Las Vegas Bail Bond?

Some individuals come to the Las Vegas Bail Bonds Service with another issue. Sometimes, even the 15% down of bail bonds in Las Vegas are too expensive. This service company allows you to put ZERO down. In place of the money down, individuals may put personal property, titles, etc. down to act as collateral. This will act as the down payment, but then the entire bond will be set into easy payment installments.

Are there payment options for a Bail Bond in Las Vegas?

Yes just discuss this option your bail bondsman and he will be happy to make an easy payment option available.

How long does it take to get an Inmate out of the Las Vegas Detention Center?

Once the bond is posted, the bail bonds in Las Vegas process of release has started. This process can take as little as four hours after bond is placed to complete. However, sometimes, it can take up to 16 hours to finalize. Fear not, the Las Vegas Bail Bondsman will be there to help each individual with each and every step of the way. Any and all questions will be answered at any tim.

How do I contact a Las Vegas Bail Bondsman?

In order to contact one of the Las Vegas Bail Bondsman concerning Bail Bonds in Las Vegas, individuals can go to the following website: https://ebaillv.com. Also, the beautiful office is located at 3100 East Charleston Blvd. and welcomes clients! Or, call one of them at 702-462-9200. The best part? They’re available 24 hours a day. These services are always open for individuals because it is known how important this process is and their service is dedicated to helping to speed it up as much as possible.